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Our Founder, Teddy Schiavoni began skiing in 1978. A family friend brought him skiing at a small hill in Bradford, MA. He fell in love with the spirit of skiing and has since devoted his life to bridging a passion for snow sports to modern business.


"My love for and dedication to the snow sports industry began in 1987 and has grown ever since. The people, the companies, the places and the products I have met along the way have been life inspiring. When I am able to bring these elements together and enhance their success is when I am at my best. From vertical business strategies to relying on the most fundamental touch and feel of a product, bringing change and positive results to snow sports inspires me. Snow sports is an industry worth living in and it's an industry where great people can work together, doing their uniquely amazing things, without trading away their individuality." 


Teddy Schiavoni


Slope Style Life

Teddy Schiavoni
Leah Schiavoni

I once asked someone, "If you could change one thing in your life, what would you have done differently?" The response humbled me. She said, "I would change nothing. It's everything I have done that's brought me to where I am today."

I found this inspiring and took it to heart: Be confident in your decisions and proud of your choices.

Words to live by.

I have always been a skier but the majority of my time as an athlete was spent on soccer and softball fields. I played Division 1 softball at Boston College where I graduated with a degree in Finance. After years of working in private equity, I found my place in the ski industry as a store owner and a buyer. I find similarities in trends from many areas of business and culture and I apply them to my work. Most recently, I have launched Green Love Gardens, a gardening planning, installation and maintenance business focused on healthy lifestyle of mind and body.

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